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Tamim Tasdik

A man, A myth and A bicycle..

A Man, A Hat and a Photographer…

Hi there. I love your blog and your pictures! Great colours and subjects!!Nice to meet you! Ivan

Hey Ivan, Thanks a lot. I just went though your blog. Your blog is just amazing. I totally loved it. I could see you are a purist- The Film Guy… Keep on clicking…

Nice to meet you too.


Staged drama of the contemporary lives…

The person behind the performer… mystic look

" Often people are under the grand illusion that I have to deal with them. The truth is it depends on my generosity or your courtesy. It’s my prerogative not your swag…so snap out of it… "


The silent beauty…


I sold whatever I could- soul, love, hopes, dreams, passion and compassion. Yes, I sold everything. I sold everything to buy myself religions, isms, agony and a grand mistaken belief of individual freedom…Yes, now I am known as a responsible citizen of a civilised world.

I sold my humanity to blend into your civilisation.



Love divine…