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Us and them_a momentary story of world full of strangers

Couple of weeks back I had an amazing walk through petticoat lane market. I got so many pics of my liking and I am still posting them. As I wrote numerous times, that every time I hit the streets of London with my camera, I feel the immense impact of strangers on my photography and on my life’s philosophy. 

I always wanted to see myself from a stranger’s perspective, specially in a photography. This is the closest I could get. I know it’s not perfect, but then again perfection a vanity for the youth and ignorance for the old. 

If you are not bored yet, let me tell you why I said this picture is the closest so far I could get. My existence in this picture (my reflection in the flag) is nothing short of or nothing more than the stranger who decorated the stage with their unpretentious expression. now when I am looking at this picture I can feel that the contribution or importance of my ever known own reflection is somewhat comparable to the people on the picture.

This makes me think, then being stranger is a two way thing…how I/we see them and how they see me/us. Simple yet fascinating. To me they `re nothing more than couple of faces and to them I am nothing more than a face behind the camera..but together we have made something beautiful..and photograph..where we all are collectively important and yet individually insignificant.

It is our existence in that moment made this picture…the same way we all are part of the same world and factions of a divine soul..yet we reflect as if we are individuals and being craved out of the touchstone of singularity…How awfully wrong we are. How awfully we have failed to realise that the all those people we stoke out of our life by giving them a tag of stranger are our own reflection though a different life…

I guess all I am trying to say is…we are meant to be strangers because we are all destined to find the fragments of our soul through others. The path to totality here is forged with knowing ourselves though other…establishing relation with ourselves in 7 billion different faces…

The angry bunch

amazing strangers and beautiful smiles…

So the I was goofing around in Bricklane and found a corner with some amazing street arts. I saw these these ladies and for the first time I asked some completely unknown people to pose for my camera.

I wasn’t really sure that they would but all I had to do is to approach them. No one really minds talking to a guy in shorts and a floral shirt on a sunny day specially when he has a big smile and a unthreatening small camera around his neck.

So I told them “would you mind if I take a picture”?

The lady in the white tops was not really sure. So I just said “you girls are looking amazing and I would love to take a picture of you two with these graffitis”.

Yep, that broke the ice. The lady on the left with an amazing smile told me, “if you want, why not… :)

I will remember my short conversation with these ladies for a while, because it was the first time when I asked someone completely stranger to pose for my camera.

Now when I am thinking about it, I realised compliments and smiles together are an amazing device to break the ice. The uncomfortableness existing amongst strangers easily dissolves in smile. I wonder, in life how many times we deprived ourselves from knowing amazing strangers because we didn’t approach them with a smile and we never told them they are amazing.

The magic hat

another admirer of street art

Peace is not your whore.

Peace is not your whore with whom you sit and agree terms. Peace is not a gold-digger, who will stay because you signed few trade and oil treaties. Peace is not a teen ager who gets flattered with white doves or peace sign.

She is a fully bloomed lady, with desire to love and be loved. She has the spirit of a rebel, independence of a scholar, conviction of a painter, kindness of a mother and forgiveness of a toddler. 

Peace- Many tried to win her, many tried to dictate her. Many have died for  and many happily killed for her…but on one cared, no one actually knew her.

She is the lady from the movie in red long gown. She would share your dreams and pains, yet allow you to grow old with her. She would give you a second chance, if you are ready to give her a chance.She is a goddess with a broken heart. She lived love and hate in the same plot, she has seen it all.

To win her:

Love her, the way you have loved your girl.

Trust her, the way you trusted you mother.

Protect her, the way you protect your daughter.

Perhaps someday you will find her…perhaps someday you will know…she is not your whore.

World cup 2014- Street Art


A thousand years for now archeologists will find an ancient country called Israel. And they will dig deeper and discover it was build with skulls and bones from kids and innocents…

They will never know what happened here, perhaps a great plague!!!

This is how history will betray us as we betrayed humanity today…



Illusive street art…